A two-year-old boy was hospitalised after drinking from a water bottle he’d found at the local playground.

Emergency services responded to the serious reaction in the Adelaide suburb of Clearview on Tuesday.

The little boy and his mother had been at the local park when he plucked the bottle out of the bushes.

When they returned home, the boy’s mother told her partner the little boy was unwell.

“He’s come back and my missus says ‘he’s not right, he’s stumbling and that’,” he told 7NEWS.

Police scour the ground for signs of the water bottle.
Police scour the ground for signs of the water bottle. Credit: 7NEWS

The father called triple-zero, prompting an urgent response from police and paramedics.

He returned to the park to find the bottle so police could assess what it contained.

Whether it held drugs or another dangerous substance is continuing to be forensically tested.

“Some little boy’s not well, he’s in hospital, it can look suss,” he said.

Police at the playground in Clearview.
Police at the playground in Clearview. Credit: 7NEWS

The two-year-old boy remains in the Royal Women and Children’s Hospital on Tuesday night.

It’s understood his condition is improving and he is expected to make a full recovery.

Adelaide toddler taken to hospital after drinking mystery liquid from water bottle found in park
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