Developer previews and betas usually come with bugs and issues that the average user should be wary of. With Android 12, though, the handful of developer previews were remarkably stable, but the second beta release in early June is causing a lot of problems for many users.

The first Android 12 Beta worked out relatively well. There were no major bugs to speak of outside of one that prevented users from accessing the power menu easily. With Google Pay functional, it seems as though there were no major reasons to skip. However, the second beta introduces a few notable issues.

Please leave a comment and let us know if you’re experiencing any of these issues or others.

Installation issues for some Pixels

For reasons unclear at the moment, installation issues are happening for some users. Our Abner Li reported that the OTA on Pixel 4a took several attempts to finally install, and friend-of-the-site Joe Maring reported the same problem with his Pixel 5. Dylan Roussel also mentioned that his Pixel 5 was having trouble with installation over ADB to the point where he just can’t install the beta at all.

It’s possible these issues are mostly with the OTA update, but they seem to be possible on either installation method.

App crashes are back for some

A common bug on betas, including Android 12 releases, is to see apps crash. While we’re not seeing this one in our own testing so far, One Twitter user reached out saying that most third-party apps on their Pixel were crashing after installing Beta 2. This might be related to a previous WebView bug, though, with a fix we noted here.

Your results may vary.

The lockscreen can get stuck

There are two lockscreen issues we’re tracking so far in Android 12 Beta 2. The first is for notifications which, on occasion, seem to just lock up entirely and can’t be swiped away. This appears to be a simple bug and one that fixes on a reboot.

Further, I also observed that my Pixel 4 XL locked up completely shortly after installing the latest release. Face unlock was being ignored and swipes weren’t staying, essentially leaving me stuck on the lockscreen. A reboot luckily fixed the problem, but I’d highly recommend that you immediately dive into settings to turn off the “Hold for Assistant” option so you can actually access the power menu using the physical button. Otherwise, you could be stuck here a lot longer.

And that’s after just two hours…

Here’s the thing – the bugs we’re talking about here are ones that have come up just in the first two hours that Android 12 Beta 2 has been available. There are surely more that will come up as daily usage continues, but this just reinforces the point.

Beta releases are just that. Beta releases. Bugs happen, and sometimes, they can be pretty severe. If you only have one device on hand. We’d highly recommend staying on Android 11, or if you were on Beta 1, on that version unless Google releases a patch. The next Beta is due in July.

Are you having issues or noticing bugs in the Android 12 Beta on your Pixel? Drop a comment below and let us know. We’ll continue to update this article with other bugs that seem widespread as the betas drop over the coming months.

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