Apple CEO Tim Cook participated in a meeting with President Joe Biden and other executives at the White House earlier today to discuss how companies can improve cybersecurity. As a result, Apple announced that it will create a new program to improve the security of its supply chain around the world.

As reported by CNBC, most of the companies attending the event — including Amazon, Google, and Microsoft — announced some sort of measure to improve cybersecurity. As for Apple, the company says it will work with its suppliers to drive “mass adoption” of strong security protocols, such as multi-factor authentication and event logging.

Apple announced it will establish a new program to drive continuous security improvements throughout the technology supply chain. As part of that program, Apple will work with its suppliers – including more than 9,000 in the United States – to drive the mass adoption of multi-factor authentication, security training, vulnerability remediation, event logging, and incident response.

Amazon, for instance, wants to give account holders free multi-factor authentication devices to better secure their data. Microsoft has committed $20 billion to improve its security tools and another $150 million to help government agencies provide security training for their partners.

The meeting with President Biden follows multiple hacker attacks on critical infrastructure coming from Russian and Chinese groups. However, it’s unclear when exactly these measures will be put into practice by each company.

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Apple commits to new supply chain security program following Tim Cook’s meeting with President Biden
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