As Victoria tries to contain its latest outbreak of COVID, concern is growing about the low rates of vaccination among aged care and disability workers across the country.

The vaccine rollout has been patchy, and some workers have been unable get access to their first and second doses, while others have been hesitant. But from today, the Victorian government will commence a five-day program specifically aimed at giving aged and disability care workers priority at vaccination centres.

While the legal situation is complex, if workers are unwilling to receive vaccines, experts say that employers can effectively mandate vaccinations of staff in key, frontline sectors. But should they?


Annie Butler, Federal Secretary for the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation

Dr Dev Kevat, Melbourne-based endocrinologist and researcher in health policy and human rights, with qualifications in law and medicine from Monash University and public health from Oxford University.

Can your boss force you to get vaccinated?
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