Last year, Chrome introduced the ability to link to a highlight on web pages. The creation process involved downloading a separate first-party extension, but Google is now directly integrating this feature in Chrome. 

After highlighting text on the web, the right-click menu will soon offer a new “Copy link to highlight” option that generates a special URL with a # at the end. Those clicking your link will be automatically scrolled down the page to that highlighted section.

“Link to highlight” is rolling out with Chrome 90 on desktop and Android, though it’s not yet widely available. It will be coming to iOS soon and should help increase usage of this very nifty feature. For example:,%E2%80%94%20will%20likely%20appear%20here%20too.

Chrome link to highlight

Meanwhile, Google is also in the process of rolling out a revamped PDF viewer/editor in Chrome. It starts with a new toolbar that puts key actions, like jump to page, zoom controls, save, and print “within a single click.”

The overflow menu lets you access a new “Two page view” and view “Document properties.” Google is also rolling out a new presentation mode that removes the address bar, tabs, and other distractions as a preview. 

Lastly, you can now name your windows by right-clicking on an empty spot in the tab strip. This is meant to make it easier to switch windows and move pages between them. It joins the ability to name Tab Groups, with Chrome in the next release freezing pages in groups that have been collapsed to conserve device resources.

With the launch, Google is also highlighting past additions: 

Chrome 90 is rolling out now to desktop and Android, but these features are not yet fully available and require another server-side update.

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Chrome now lets you directly ‘link to highlight’ & rename windows as PDF viewer updated
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