Collingwood Football Club says comments made by a long-time supporter about Indian aged care workers do not reflect the club’s views.

Key points:

  • Joffa Corfe has been associated with Collingwood for many years
  • Collingwood said while he was not employed or a member of the club, he should consider apologising
  • It comes after an independent report found systemic racism at the club

Joffa Corfe, known in AFL circles as one of Collingwood’s most passionate fans, sent out a tweet on Tuesday after the final report of the aged care royal commission was handed to the federal government.

Mr Corfe tweeted: “Get rid of all Indian workers in aged care might be a start.”

In another post, he said he would not be silenced.

Collingwood distanced itself from the comment, which came after an independent report found “systemic racism” at the club.

“Joffa Corfe is not a member of the Collingwood Football Club but has had a long association with our organisation,” the club said in a statement.

“As such we cannot stand by his comments of last night. We condemn them and ask him to consider the hurt he has caused and an appropriate apology.”


Despite not being formally part of the club Mr Corfe has been associated with the club for many years, famously wearing his gold jacket to signify a Collingwood win.

His comments come as Collingwood works through the recommendations of the Do Better report.

The report, and the response by the club after it was released, led to Eddie McGuire’s resignation as club president.


Collingwood distances itself from offensive tweet by superfan Joffa Corfe
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