Launched in 2018, the Google Home Hub was the first homegrown smart display from Google. One rebrand and a successor later, though, the original Google Nest Hub has reached its end, being discontinued today.

Simultaneously with the debut of the second-generation Google Nest Hub, the original model was pulled from the Google Store entirely. As of this morning, no mention of the original Nest Hub remains on the Google Store and links to the original page now redirect to the listing for the second-generation device.

Deciding to discontinue the original Nest Hub with the arrival of Google’s revamped second generation makes complete sense. The original device had the same basic design, but without the hardware for sleep tracking, one microphone less, and the worst speakers in Google’s lineup. For a measly $10 price gap, pulling the original model saves a lot of customer confusion.

Of course, this doesn’t mean the original Google Nest Hub, or Home Hub, as many still call it will just stop functioning. The device has still been receiving regular updates and, so far, we’ve not seen any Google Assistant smart speakers or displays dropped from update schedules, even discontinued models like the original Google Home, Home Max, and even third-party devices.

Notably too, sales are still active on the previous device from various third-party retailers such as Best Buy and Home Depot. While an option, though, it’s hard to see how a $10 discount would be worthwhile to anyone. Fire sales could be on their way, though!

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Google discontinues the original Nest Hub following successor’s debut
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