A woman who beheaded her mother in Western Sydney before asking if doctors could “sew her head back on” has been sentenced to a minimum of 16 years behind bars.

Jessica Camilleri, 27, was found guilty of the manslaughter of her mother Rita in St Clair in July 2019.

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She was on Friday sentenced to 21 years and seven months, with a non-parole period of 16 years and two months.

Justice Helen Wilson described the attack as one of the most serious instances of manslaughter, saying the crime of extraordinary viciousness and brutality was made worse by the fact it was committed in the family home.

Jessica Camilleri (left) and her mother Rita.
Jessica Camilleri (left) and her mother Rita. Credit: Facebook

The sentence was backdated to 20 July, 2019.

The court previously heard the younger Camilleri, had struggled with mental health issues for many years prior to the horrific crime.

Prosecutor Tony McCarthy said the 57-year-old mother had been her daughter’s carer and was said to have been “overly protective and defensive” of her behaviour.

Jessica Camilleri was found not guilty of murder due to her mental impairment and was instead sentenced for manslaughter.

St Clair homicide scene (file image)
Jessica Camilleri stabbed her mother at least 100 times and put her head on a footpath outside. Credit: AAP

The court also heard she had stopped taking prescribed medication three months prior to the incident.

Two forensic psychiatrists had told the trial the knife attack was brought on by an intellectual disability and autism spectrum disorder that featured a fixation on horror films.

Jessica owned eight copies of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and five of Jeepers Creepers.

Rita Camilleri, 57.
Rita Camilleri, 57. Credit: Facebook

In a victim impact statement last month, her older sister Kristi Torrisi claimed the family had tried helping but she had refused treatment.

“(Rita was) killed and butchered like she was nothing, all because of a fit of rage,” she told the NSW Supreme Court sentence hearing in February.

Jessica had previously attacked her aunt, pulled people’s hair in public, and made hundreds of threatening calls to strangers.

However, her mother believed her love could protect her from the world, the court heard.

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Jessica Camilleri, woman who beheaded mother, is sentenced for manslaughter
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