Samantha is a screenwriter who co-created the hit ABC TV teen series Dance Academy inspired by her own early life as a ballet dancer.

Sam was 18 when her own budding dance career was cut short by a shocking injury.

After a year on the couch recovering, she reinvented herself.

Inspired by the story of her own life in the ballet, she co-created a TV series called Dance Academy.

Dance Academy went on to screen in 160 countries, with Sam as the head writer across the 65 episodes.

Sam’s new show, The End, is set partly in a Gold Coast retirement village.

Samantha got the idea as she watched how her own Grandmother’s life changed after moving into a similar place at the end of her life.

She expected to hate it, but eventually she found a circle of friends who partied hard and talked freely about love, sex, and death, including experimenting with making their own Nembutal.

Further information

The End is available to watch on Foxtel

Love, sex and Nembutal
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