Residents in the north-west Queensland town of Mount Isa have been left scratching their heads after finding a kangaroo on the roof of a house on Monday evening.

Key points:

  • Firefighters say they are not sure how the kangaroo ended up on the roof
  • They said it was a first, having previously dealt with stuck cats, dogs and birds
  • The roo bounded off the roof and landed safely in shrubs below

Local kids spotted the kangaroo atop a home on Duchess Road and called in emergency services, who had to be convinced it was a genuine call.

“We thought it was a hoax when we got the call but sure enough, when we showed up, there it was on the roof,” said Patrick Buck, a senior firefighter at Queensland Fire and Emergency Services.

“We went up with all our harnesses and rescue equipment, but as soon as we got there he went off the end of the roof and jumped down into some shrubs,” he said.

“We can add this to the list of rescuing dogs, cats, birds — and now a roo off a roof.

A kangaroo on a roof

Firefighters needed to be convinced the call was genuine.(Supplied: Paws, Hoofs, Claws Facebook group)

Sue Carson, the manager of the local animal rescue Paws Hoofs and Claws who witnessed the strange sight, said the kangaroo created quite the spectacle.

A kangaroo on a roof

Members of the local fire brigade who helped coax the roo down.(ABC North West Queensland: Andrew Saunders)

“The firies were great. A young fella got on the harness and climbed up there and walked slowly toward the roo to try and get it to jump off the back of the house where the drop was a lot safer.

“It’s a unique situation and one we’ve never dealt with before.

“It ended up bounding off into the bushes so it was a happy ending to a funny story.”

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Mystery surrounds kangaroo that got stuck on a hot tin roof in Mount Isa
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