A cargo plane flew out of Darwin on Tuesday bound for Singapore with about four tonnes of mangoes onboard.

Key points:

  • A cargo plane filled with NT mangoes arrived in Singapore on Tuesday, in a first for the Darwin Export Hub
  • The NT is forecast to produce about 4.8 million trays of mangoes this season
  • Darwin Export Hub hopes to export fruit to several Asian markets

They are the first NT mangoes to be air-freighted via the new Darwin Export Hub.

Robert Hall from Seaway Logistics and Pak Fresh Handling was at the airport to watch the mangoes take off.

“It’s a four-hour flight to Singapore. We now have five of these flights a week, so hopefully in the next few days they’ll be plenty of NT mangoes getting eaten in Singapore — it’s pretty exciting times,” he said.

Mr Hall said as the mango season ramped up, it was hoped Territory mangoes could also be exported into Hong Kong over the coming weeks.

“We’ve also got the vapour heat treatment (VHT) plant ready … which will provide an opportunity to send fruit into premium markets like Korea and Japan.”

The export hub has also been exporting pumpkins to Singapore.

Mangoes in the Darwin Export Hub

The new freight hub is reducing the time and money spent to export fruit from the NT.(

ABC Rural: Matt Brann


Flying mangoes

The mangoes on the first flight were sourced from Jenko’s Mangoes, a family farm on the outskirts of Darwin.

“This is a great opportunity for us to explore international markets,” grower Jessie Jenkins said.

“Historically when it comes to exporting, we’ve had to truck our mangoes to Brisbane or Sydney to be put on a plane and flown back over Darwin.

A tray of bright yellow mangoes.

The Northern Territory produced about 53 per cent of the national mango crop in 2020/21.(

ABC Rural: Matt Brann


The Northern Territory’s mango season is heating up, with about 210,000 trays picked and packed for markets last week.

The NT is forecast to produce about 4.8 million trays this season, with the harvest peaking in the middle of October.

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‘Pretty exciting times’ as cargo plane filled with NT mangoes heads to Singapore
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