The mining industry is planning to speed up the vaccination rollout for its fly-in fly-out (FIFO) workers with a hub at Brisbane Airport.

Key points:

  • The Queensland Resources Council is planning a COVID-19 vaccination hub at Brisbane Airport
  • FIFO staff have been prioritised in the roll-out, in line with health workers
  • QRC chief executive Ian McFarlane is urging mine workers to sign up for the vaccine

As the Queensland government’s new mass vaccination clinic opening at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre today, COVID-19 vaccines have been prioritised for the sector.

While the Queensland Resources Council has been encouraging its workers to sign up to the government’s program, chief executive Ian McFarlane said he would like to see the rollout more streamlined and tailored to the industry.

An older stands at a lectern, with a screen behind him that reads the Hon Ian Macfarlane MP (his previous role)

Queensland Resources Council CEO Ian Macfarlane says the vaccine hub is reliant on increased supply of Pfizer and Moderna jabs.(

AAP: Lukas Coch


“It’s now imperative on the industry to get as many of these FIFO workers vaccinated as quickly as possible.”

The industry set up a special section of Brisbane Airport for the temperature-testing of FIFO workers at the start of the pandemic.

“We’re still working through the details around whether or not that facility is suitable or if we have to get another one,” Mr McFarlane said.

Brisbane Airport domestic terminal and arrival gates

The industry is hoping to transform the area at Brisbane Airport used for temperature testing into a vaccination hub.(

ABC News: Chris Gillette


Confusion on government website

The prioritisation of mine workers in the vaccine rollout has been causing some confusion on the Queensland government’s COVID-19 website.

A drop-down menu showing priority workers for vaccines.

 Ian McFarlane says the fly-in fly-out worker tab covers all mine workers who live on-site.(

Supplied: Queensland Health


Mr McFarlane said a drop down menu labelled “fly-in fly-out and interstate freight workers” was used to cover all travelling mine workers.

“That drop-down box will be amended in the next few days but, at the moment, a FIFO or DIDO worker can register to be prioritised for a COVID-19 jab.”

Supply of the vaccine has been a problem for the industry, which has been offering the federal government help to distribute and administer vaccinations since the rollout began.

Mr McFarlane said it remained a challenge to setup of a vaccination hub.

“We are getting to that point now, through the prioritisation of fly-in fly-out workers and drive-in drive-out workers.”

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Priority access vaccination hub plan for FIFO workers
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