With just enough water to keep the sunflowers alive in the garden, the Burnham family was forced to halve its cattle numbers on its property west of Monto.

Key points:

  • It has been the best rain of the season for one Monto property
  • Graziers are now hoping for a late and mild winter
  • Volunteers are needed to help harvest Mother’s Day flowers

But after a dry summer with well below average rainfall, there is finally reason to smile.

As the Burnhams sent a final truck load of steers to the feedlot, a soaking 40 millimetres of rain fell on their north Burnett property.

“It’s been the best rain we’ve had for the season and it’s better late than never,” Grant Burnham said.

With his property transformed, Mr Burnham is now hoping the winter frosts hold off and a bit more rain falls in the meantime.

“I’ve always been told by my wise father there’s no such thing as bad rain,” he said.

This week’s downpours have been patchy across the Wide Bay, but some have been strong enough to damage fences on farms and close local roads.

Mother’s Day flowers ready to bloom

The rain has also spurred on a bumper crop of flowers in Bundaberg just in time for Mother’s Day in May.

In a tradition spanning 40 years, the Endeavour Foundation is preparing to pick and process 7,000 bunches of chrysanthemums.

“We have multiple colours and about 20 different varieties to suit every mum,” Production Manager Mark Elliot said.

A man holds a bunch of cut flowers in a flower field.

Supported employee Stacey Matthews will help create 9,000 bunches of flowers for Mother’s Day at Endeavour Foundation Industries in Bundaberg.

But staff can’t do the job without volunteers to help with picking, packing and selling the colourful floral blooms.

The recent rainfall means the charity must closely monitor the crop.

“We just need to watch our pest load for the next few weeks, but the buds are starting to appear and then in the next few weeks they will start to explode,” Mr Elliot said.

You can contact the Endeavour Foundation’s farm in Bundaberg on 07 41 555 701.

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