One of the biggest TV phenomena this year has been the rise of the South Korean Netflix series Squid Game.

The series, which has reached over 100 million viewers around the globe, follows desperate participants competing in deadly children’s games to try and win a massive cash prize.

Reagan To explains how she came to voice Squid Game’s Doll

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The show includes a number of memorable characters, with the most iconic being a giant Red Light, Green Light Game Doll that has gone on to gain cult status with fans.

For the English language version of the series, the actress who voiced the character is 10-year-old Reagan To, and she joined The Morning Show from Los Angeles and explained how she surprised her parents that she was working on the show.

“It all started when my dad asked my mum to watch Squid Game since it was the most popular show in the world at the time. They had no idea it was my voice, and when it got to that scene they were like, wait second, that’s Reagan, that’s her voice.

“My mum searched it up on social media and she found that people were using my voice on YouTube videos and it was even featured on Saturday Night Live for a skit,” she explained.

Squid Game is notorious for its often violent scenes, and To revealed as a result she is yet to watch an episode in full.

“I have not watched any of it. My mum has shown me just a little bit but right before the violent part she just stopped it. And even my brother, he’s fourteen and my parents don’t even allow him to watch it,” the young actress revealed.

To also revealed that her family recently dressed up as characters from Squid Game for Halloween, with the young star naturally dressing up as the giant doll that she provides the voice for.

Morning Show hosts Kylie Gillies and Larry Emdur then asked Reagan if she would like to play a quick round of Red Light, Green Light, the children’s game which is featured to sinister effect on the hit show.

Reagan declared Emdur the winner as he then jokingly declared to Gillies that losing the game meant “you’re not here for long.”

Kylie and Larry play Red Light, Green Light with Squid Game star Reagan To.
Kylie and Larry play Red Light, Green Light with Squid Game star Reagan To. Credit: Seven

Reagan To, the voice actress for the giant Squid Game doll reveals she’s too young to watch the Netflix show
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