Meringur farmer Andrew Kay is busy redistributing four road-trainloads of donated hay to his neighbours in the Millewa region in north-western Victoria.

Key points:

  • Rural Aid is donating hay to farmers in the Millewa region who are still struggling with dry conditions
  • While the district had a good grain harvest last year, it was different to two years prior, where some farmers failed to grow any crops
  • This year some farmers have sown crops while it’s been dry while others are waiting for more rain

While the rivers are overflowing in Gippsland, it’s a very different scenario in the state’s far north-west, where some farmers have had as little as 30mm of rain for the year.

“It’s very, very dry. What stubble we did have from last year has very rapidly disappeared, with no green or anything in the paddocks at all,” Mr Kay said.

“Livestock are starting to get very hungry and this is absolutely amazing, to help top up and finish cattle off.”

Mr Kay has not sown a crop this year and has been holding out for more rain. 

A green tractor with two bales of hay on its forks, travelling from left to right across the frame

Meringur farmer Andrew Kay helps redistribute hay that’s been donated by Rural Aid.(

ABC Rural: Kellie Hollingworth


“It doesn’t look like we’re actually going to get it,” he said. “We’ll just hang off a bit longer, but we can’t wait too much longer because we’ll run out of time and the ground will get too cold.”

However, further east at Karawinna, Michael Callahan has finished his sowing program for the season. 

“We started about two months ago, sowing sheep feed, hoping it will rain and get it up, it’s just starting to come up after the 15mm of rain we’ve had over the past three weeks.”

A teenage boy tightens a strap so bales of hay won't fall off the truck he is standing in front of

Andrew Kay’s son, Dawson, helps secure hay bales to one of the trucks heading for a local farm.(

ABC Rural: Kellie Hollingworth


Mr Callahan said he was hopeful of growing a good crop. 

“It’s amazing how this country can turn around if we get 25-30mm of rain. That would last for two months as long as we get a good August and September. That’s the main thing,” Mr Callahan said.

Rural Aid’s community representative in Victoria, Carly Noble, said it was nice to see farmers smile when the road trains loaded with hay arrived at Meringur. 

A woman wearing a hi-vis orange vest and pink cap sits in driver's seat of her car, holding a clipboard

Rural Aid’s Carly Noble is making sure the correct number of bales are distributed.(

ABC Rural: Kellie Hollingworth


“Some are getting 24 bales, some are getting eight or 12. It just depends on the total number of livestock on the ground at the moment, but that will see them through another eight [to] 12 weeks.”

But, for Ms Noble, the pick-up has not been just about collecting hay for livestock. There were also morning tea refreshments that, Ms Noble explained, had been donated by sponsors to encourage farmers to have a break and speak with their neighbours.

“Which is good for mental health,” she said. 

Three farmers standing in front of a semi-trailer being loaded with hay bales. The man in the middle is holding a clipboard

Glenn Henschke, Marc Bowen and Allan Symes completing paperwork as they collect bales of hay at Meringur.(

ABC Rural: Kellie Hollingworth


Rural Aid gives helping hand to Millewa farmers
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