Android updates are often the butt of jokes, but things are slowly getting much better. Samsung is among the best in the business nowadays when it comes to rolling out Android updates, and now, the company is rolling out the July 2021 security update to its Galaxy lineup. Here’s the full list.

Samsung July 2021 security update – what’s new

Samsung started the rollout of its July 2021 security update on June 30, roughly a week before the first Monday of July when Google will release the list of core security issues that this patch fixes. The list was released, though, on July 7 and includes 20 fixes for Galaxy smartphones, most of which are from Google. Most of the issues are patching Bluetooth vulnerabilities.

However, we do know one thing that the update addresses. Last month, Google confirmed that Samsung would be shipping a fix for Android Auto problems with its July 2021 security update. The fix is set to stop an issue that caused Android Auto to crash whenever the device was unlocked in any way.

For the most part, July updates for Samsung devices are fairly small, with the exception of the Galaxy Note 20 series which weighs in at over 1GB. There are no obvious changes in the update, though, outside of a new QR code scanner as captured below by SamMobile.

Devices with Samsung July 2021 security update

Which Samsung devices are getting the July 2021 security update? The list from Samsung is, as usual, pretty hefty. As of July 1, Samsung is rolling out monthly patches to nearly 40 devices including five Enterprise devices. A further 61 devices are getting quarterly updates and 44 are getting biannual updates.

Starting this month, this list will include a note on where the update first debuted and if it is also available in the United States. As usual, the latest additions will be marked in bold.

Galaxy S Series

Samsung kicked off this latest security update starting on one of its most popular series, the Galaxy S lineup. The update first debuted on the Galaxy S10 on June 30 in the Czech Republic. Just a day later, the update expanded to the rest of the Galaxy S10 series in other parts of Europe including Italy, Austria, and Switzerland. The update was also released in South Korea on the same day. Rounding out the series, the Galaxy S10 Lite was updated first in Spain around July 10.

On July 6, Samsung then launched the July security patch as an over-the-air update on the Galaxy S20 series. That update started its rollout in Germany. On July 8th, the update expanded to the Galaxy S20 FE, but only the LTE model in Russia for now.

The Galaxy S21 series, the company’s current flagship, picked up its update on July 9. This release also marked the debut of the July patch in the United States with unlocked units getting the update. That update has since appeared on Samsung’s official update tracker.

  • Galaxy S21 — G991USQS4AUFD (Released first in US, unlocked)
  • Galaxy S21+ — G996USQS4AUFD (Released first in US, unlocked)
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra — G998USQS4AUFD (Released first in US, unlocked)
  • Galaxy S20 — G981FXXU8DUF9 (Released first in Germany)
  • Galaxy S20+ — G986FXXU8DUF9 (Released first in Germany)
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra — G988FXXU8DUF9 (Released first in Germany)
  • Galaxy S20 FE LTE — G780FXXU4CUG1 (Released first in Russia)
  • Galaxy S10 — G973FXXSBFUF3 (Released first in Czech Republic)
  • Galaxy S10+ — G975FXXSBFUF3 (Released first in Europe)
  • Galaxy S10e — G970FXXSBFUF3 (Released first in Europe)
  • Galaxy S10 5G — G977BXXS8FUF3 (Released first in Europe)
  • Galaxy S10 Lite — G770FXXS4EUF6 (Released first in Spain)

Galaxy Foldables

While Samsung has several newer foldables on the market, the July 2021 security patch was released on the original Galaxy Fold before any others. The update first launched in France. On July 7, the update was then spotted on Galaxy Z Flip in Germany, but not the 5G model just yet. On July 12, the update further expanded to the Galaxy Z Flip in the United States, but only the variant sold by Sprint. It was also quietly launched on AT&T.

  • Galaxy Fold — F900FXXS5EUF3 (Released first in France)
  • Galaxy Z Flip — F707BXXU3DUF4/F700USQS4DUF1 (Released first in Germany, available in US)
samsung galaxy fold fixed

Galaxy Tablets

The first Samsung tablet to get the July 2021 security patch is, ironically, the Android 9-running Galaxy Tab Active 2. Just a few days later, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 also picked up its July patch, though at first it was only released in Bolivia. The Tab Active 3 saw its update first in Hong Kong.

  • Galaxy Tab Active 2 — T395NKOSCCUF2 (Released first in Asia)
  • Galaxy Tab Active 3 — T575XXS3BUF2 (Released first in Hong Kong)
  • Galaxy Tab A 8.0 — T295XXU4CUF8 (Released first in Bolivia)

Galaxy A Series

The first device in Samsung’s extremely popular Galaxy A series to get the July update was the Galaxy A52. The device was updated first in Bolivia and Panama ahead of a wider international rollout. This is not the 5G variant, though. Shortly later, the Galaxy A31 saw its July update in Brazil. Galaxy A10s was updated in Malaysia and Vietnam on July 8.

  • Galaxy A52 — A525MUBU2AUF3 (Released first in Bolivia, Panama)
  • Galaxy A31 — A315GDXU1CUG1 (Released first in Brazil)
  • Galaxy A10s — A107FXXU8CUG1 (Released first in Southeast Asia)

Galaxy Note Series

Samsung first released its July 2021 security patch as an update to the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+ including the phone’s 4G and 5G versions. The update is rolling out in nearly two dozen regions including most of Europe and the Middle East and, as of July 10, has rolled out on Verizon in the United States. A few days later, on July 8, the latest patch was spotted in Poland on the Galaxy Note 10 Lite. The update then extended to Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra in Germany, carrying a new QR code scanner in the larger than normal update.

  • Galaxy Note 20 — N980xXXU2DUF8 (Released first in Germany)
  • Galaxy Note 20 Ultra — N986xXXU2DUF8 (Released first in Germany)
  • Galaxy Note 10 (4G and 5G) — N97xFXXS7FUF5 (First in Europe and Middle East, available on Verizon in US)
  • Galaxy Note 10+ (4G and 5G) — N97xBXXS7FUF5 (First in Europe and Middle East, available on Verizon in US)
  • Galaxy Note 10 Lite — N770FXXS7EUF2 (Released first in Poland)

Galaxy F and M Series

The first device in Samsung’s affordable Galaxy M series to see the July 2021 security update was the Galaxy M11 which was updated in Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

  • Galaxy M11 — M115FXXU2BUF3 (Released first in Southeast Asia)

Galaxy J Series

As of July 12, no Galaxy A devices have widely received the July 2021 security update from Samsung. Check this page soon for more information.

This article was originally published on July 2 last updated on July 12.

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Samsung July 2021 security update is rolling out now to these Galaxy devices
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