A 34-year-old man has died overnight in hospital after being struck by lightning earlier last week, while working on a mango farm in Berry Springs. 

Key points:

  • NT WorkSafe said it appeared lightning struck a nearby tree before it arced into a trailer where three men were working
  • One of the men, aged 34, was taken to hospital on Tuesday and admitted to ICU before dying overnight on Saturday
  • NT Police and WorkSafe will prepare a report for the Coroner

NT WorkSafe said in statement “preliminary findings indicate three men were working from the back of a trailer being towed by a tractor on a mango farm when lightning struck a nearby tree.”

“It appears the lightning has arced from the tree towards the trailer, injuring three workers.”

The trio was taken to hospital.

Germenino De Deus, 34, was admitted to the intensive care unit at Royal Darwin Hospital and on Saturday died from his injuries.

A man in his mid-30s from Timor-Leste

Mr De Deus was working on a farm at Berry Springs when he was struck by lightning.(Supplied)

The two other workers, including his cousin Filomeno Rosario De Deus, 31, and Joanico Carvalho, 30, survived. 

All are foreign nationals who were in Australia as part of the seasonal worker program.

Speaking to the ABC with the help of a translator, Mr Carvalho said all three men were sitting on a trailer together when the lightning struck.

“When the lightning hit us, three of us, we fell down,” he said. 

“[Filomeno and I] got up and we went to see Germenino and he was lying on the ground and he was unconscious.”

The Consul-General for Timor Leste in Darwin, Celio Moniz, said he went to Royal Darwin Hospital to check on the workers straight away. 

“Yesterday was a very sad situation,” he said.

He said the workers arranged a video conference with Mr De Deus’s wife and family so they could see him take “his last breath” from his hospital bed. 

Mr Carvalho said he was “very sad about losing a very good friend who was very kind to us”. 

Mr De Deus was from Timor-Leste and was mourned by the local community at a church mass in the Darwin on Sunday.

NT WorkSafe are conducting inquiries and along with police will prepare a report for the Coroner.

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Seasonal farm worker dies after lightning strike on farm south of Darwin
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