Australia’s aged care system needs an overhaul.  

The Royal Commission into aged care was very clear on that in their report. The government has promised over 17 billion dollars to respond to the commission’s recommendations.  

But there is much unfinished business. On Big Ideas, aged care researchers and practitioners point out missed opportunities and how we could do better. 

The Agenda for Structural Reform in Aged Care presented by the Macquarie Aged Care Policy Forum. August 31, 2021 


Anita Westera  AHSRI, University of Wollongong 

Paul Sadler  Paul Sadler Consultancy 

Anika Stobart  Grattan Institute 

Dr Bob Davidson  School of Social Sciences, Macquarie University 

Host: Michael Fine, Honorary Professor, Macquarie School of Social Sciences 

The age care sector needs structural reform
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