An American woman has shared some of the biggest differences between McDonald’s in the US and Australia.

Kaymie Wuerfel has a series on TikTok where she has been sharing her biggest culture shocks since moving to Sydney.

Watch the clip in the video player above.

In her latest video she mentioned fast food favourite McDonald’s.

And despite being a global brand, there are some major differences.

The first big difference is what customers call it. In America it is fondly known as ‘Mickey D’s, whereas in Australia they call it ‘Macca’s’.

Wuerfel, who boasts more than 118,000 followers on the social media platform, also points out the price difference.

“Sorry, I must be blind, but where is your $1 menu?” she asks in the skit.

“We don’t have food for $1.”

She then orders a cheeseburger and a large coke.

When asked if she would also likes chips, Wuerfel replies, “No, I’d rather have fries than a bag of chips”.

She is then left red-faced when the worker explains to her chips and fries are the same thing in Australia.

The final difference is the drink size. Wuerfel points out in America a large drink is a lot bigger than it is in Australia.

TikTok star shares biggest differences at McDonald’s between Australia and America
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