A Townsville aged care home wing has been locked down for three days to contain a respiratory disease outbreak.

Two patients at the Ozcare Villa Vincent home have been confirmed with human maetapneumovirus virus.

Three more residents are also showing symptoms.

Families of the home were informed of the cases via text message today.

The home’s management says Queensland Health’s tropical population health unit is aware of two other nursing homes affected by the virus.

Queensland Health information states the virus can cause a severe infection in frail, elderly presents and to those with pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases or a weakened immune system.

Townsville public health unit director Steven Donohue said the situation was being monitored.

“Human metapneumovirus is an influenza-like illness affecting the respiratory system,” he said.

“There is no public health risk to the community and we are simply assisting Ozcare to limit transmission and protect their residents as they are elderly and therefore their health is more vulnerable.”

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Townsville aged care home in lockdown after residents test positive to respiratory virus
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