A Woolworths supermarket customer has spoken of his “horror” after noticing two fresh food blunders at his local store.

Sharing on Facebook, Perth shopper Rob revealed how he almost ate kangaroo pet mince after it was mistakenly stored in a fridge with food suitable for humans.

The man said he picked up two trays of the pet meat which had been reduced and placed in the cake fridge at Woolies along with other discounted items.

It was only when he was preparing the mince for a meal at home that his son noticed a picture of a dog on the front of the pack, leading him to realise it was “actually pet food”.

After a discussion with a Woolworths manager, it was agreed that pet food shouldn’t be placed with foods for humans as there is a separate fridge for dog and cat meat.

Despite this, Rob said he was concerned to wander the aisles at Woolworths just days later and see that once again cat mince had been placed in a fridge with yoghurts and juice.

The shopper was concerned that pet food had been placed in a fridge with foods for humans.
The shopper was concerned that pet food had been placed in a fridge with foods for humans. Credit: Facebook

A Woolworths spokesperson has told 7NEWS.com.au the supermarket was “disappointed” to have “missed the mark” with the incidents, saying it takes food safety “very seriously”.

In his post, the shopper said he found it “very upsetting” to know his concerns hadn’t been addressed – prompting him to escalate the issue.

“Last week on October 1, 2021, I made a visit to my local Woolworths store,” he said.

“I purchased a number of items that had been marked down. These items were placed in the cakes fridge.

“One of the items was some kangaroo mince (two packets). I often eat kangaroo steaks.

“I was preparing some patties and adding extra ingredients when my son noticed a small dog picture on the packaging and to my horror I realised that this was actually PET FOOD.

‘Very upsetting’

“I rang the store and spoke to the manager on duty and discussed this situation. We both agreed that pet food should not be place in the human food fridge. There is a separate food for pet meat.

“On October 4, 2021, I returned to the store and received a refund for the purchase ($6.16).

“The manager again agreed that this was an error and that pet meat should not have been place in the food fridge.

“Tonight I returned to the store and again noticed pet food in the cakes fridge with yogurts and orange juice.

“I found this very upsetting and felt not listened to by the management.”

The pet food was in a ‘cakes’ fridge with desserts, pre-prepared sandwiches, juice and eggs.
The pet food was in a ‘cakes’ fridge with desserts, pre-prepared sandwiches, juice and eggs. Credit: Facebook

The shopper went on to say he’d also sought advice from health experts on the matter.

“I have also discussed this with a health department representative and he suggested I raise a formal complaint as this practice would contravene safe food handling codes,” he said.

The shopper said he was keen to have Woolworths investigate the matter before escalating it further, sharing photos of his local store.

In the images, cat mince can clearly be seen between bottles of orange juice and several sachets of yoghurt, with eggs and pre-prepared sandwiches and cakes nearby.

Woolworths responds

Speaking to 7NEWS.com.au, a Woolworths spokesperson has said the supermarket has apologised to the customer about his experience.

“We take food safety very seriously so we’re disappointed to have missed the mark on this occasion,” the spokesperson said.

“We understand the customer’s frustration and have been in contact to apologise for their regrettable experience.

“We’ve followed up with the store directly who will arrange extra training for all team members on our mark down procedures.”

Woolworths supermarket shopper’s ‘horror’ after disturbing find in fresh food fridge at Fremantle Woolies
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