Google takes account security fairly seriously and, over the past few years, has been pushing 2-step authentication/verification for users, sometimes requiring it for specific account actions. This week, Google has announced that YouTube creators will be required to use 2-step verification to access key functions starting later this year.

In a tweet from the “TeamYouTube” account, Google has confirmed its plans to require creators to use the stronger account protection. YouTube will require that creators use 2-step verification to access YouTube Studio. The requirement kicks in starting on November 1, 2021.

There is one exception here, though. You’ll still be able to use YouTube and even upload videos without 2-step verification, but only if you’re not in the YouTube Partner Program. So, essentially, YouTube is making the stronger account protection a requirement for those making money through the platform.

2-step verification on Google accounts is available through your account settings, or this direct link, and can take the form of codes sent via SMS, backup codes you print out or save elsewhere, Google Authenticator, or a notification sent to your smartphone/tablet via Google Prompt. That last one is currently Google’s default option and works on both Android and iOS devices by sending a notification that asks the user to confirm if they signed into their accounts with device and location data and occasionally includes a code, too.

Important Security Update for YPP Creators:

Starting Nov 1st, you’ll be *required* to turn on 2-step verification to access Studio.

We want to help keep your account safe & 2SV is an important step!

Protected yet? 👀 Enable on your Google Account →

— TeamYouTube (@TeamYouTube) August 23, 2021

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YouTube will force creators to use 2-step verification on Google accounts starting this year
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